So, Who is...

Father of gourmet ethical raw food cuisine

Dr. Aris is an Internationally Acclaimed Culinary Innovator, Health and Wellness Influencer.


Dr. Aris was born in Gatun, Panama Canal Zone. He is a direct descendant of an African-Caribbean family of Culinary Griots who has become a world-renowned pioneer in the area of wholesome foods. His linguistic and culinary interests have been shared with many diverse people throughout Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia, the Caribbean, and Europe.

As the Founder Of Sunfired Gourmet, Dr. Aris has mentored  multiple individuals globally.

Dr. Aris LaTham, Ph.D.

The Sunfired Gourmet has been featured in multiple publications and magazines, he has designed vibrant Sunfired Gourmet experiences for an extensive list of celebrity clients and international dignitaries. 

Dr. Aris is currently teaching an international array of chefs and Sunfired Gourmet enthusiasts, applying his expertise to innovative food product development, filming for SunfiredTV, and hosting in-person retreats at Rio Piedra Organic Farm in Panama City.

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