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 Learn all about the science and art of living plant foods as you engage in a very timely and skillful act of self-defence through this enriching course with the Father of Ethical Gourmet Cuisine, Dr. Aris - originator of Sunfired RA Food. 

 Get comfortable, sit back and tune in to Dr. Aris’ soothing voice as he takes you on an audio journey of his new and informative book - SUNFIRED: The Soul, Art and Science of Food. This is sure to be brain food worthy for inner attainment of the mind, sharing with you his unique philosophy on the observable scientific principles of Sunfired RA Foods - The Electro-Magnetic Energies of Plant Foods.Then come inside the Sunfired Institute's Lab as he gives you an upfront and in-person walk through of the fully stocked fresh foods and pantry items he has assembled to execute his mastery for your delight. You’ll also get to glean the Stove-less Kitchen Concept he constantly speaks about. Here you’ll learn a unique art form directly from this masterful innovator through powerful recipe videos as he educates you in the practical application of the Sunfired Ra Food Culinary Arts. These step by step impactful teaching presentations of how to create 26 vibrant Sunfired recipes are not available anywhere else!

 Eclectic Electric Education in the perfect personal learning environment of your choice is really where it’s at these days, and Dr. Aris steps forward above the pack to bring you his timeless wisdom. Over the past 50 years, he has been continually referred to as someone ahead of his time. At his ripe age of 73, he keeps stressing to the newer generations he has been sharing blessings with, that he has never really felt ahead of his time… but merely tha the new Be’s have been late to his teachings! 

 Integrate the Sunfired Science and Culinary Arts of plant foods into your life as you move through and recreate these exemplary recipes that embody the spirit Dr. Aris’ fundamental principle of Sunfirde RA Foods - “The growing period is the cooking process, foods that are ripe, ready and fit to harvest have been meticulously and perfectly cooked by the sun. We at Sunfired just don’t cook the sun out of the food. The primary objective behind the intake of these natural, original and best foods for human consumption is our attempt to ‘Eat the Sun’ by taking it in in its most condensed palatable form through plant foods.

Learn delicious Sunfired recipes that teach you to empower and protect your life and immune system, while safeguarding the efficiency of the use of your body-ecology through living plant foods.


  • Learn what are living Sunfired foods and why this knowledge is essential for your optimal health and well being, happiness,as well as prolonged vitality, quality of life and longevity
  • Learn how to prepare and create Sunfired masterpieces that strengthen your life and your immune system, while empowering you to unlock the sleeping giant within
  • Learn how to set up your own stove-less kitchen
  • Gain access to video teachings on the science and art of Sunfired Ra Cuisine directly from Dr. Aris
  • Rejoice in being one of the first of who get the real inside Sunfired scoop as Dr. Aris guides you through these exciting 26 Sunfired recipes offered exclusively in this course
  • View a special narrated voice over video and slide presentation of Dr. Aris reading to you his newly released book ‘Sunfired: The Soul of Food’
  • Receive your own copy of the ‘Feasting, Fasting, and Healing Systems’ poster to study and refer to as you move through this enriching course
  • Gain access to over 8+ hours of exclusive Sunfired Gourmet video content available only in this course

Learn from Dr. Aris how to make the following Sunfired recipes:  

  • Paradise Pie
  • Exotic Fruit Juice
  • Healing Vegetable Juice
  • Nutty Milk
  • Earthly Shake
  • Seed Cheese
  • Nut Meat 
  • Devine Dip
  • Sun House Salad
  • Soup Alive
  • Energy Bar
  • Jamming Jam
  • No-paste Pasta
  • Peace Pizza
  • Palate Pesto
  • And more...


  • Once you purchase access to the Sunfired Gourmet Online you will have a year to fully internalize the content of this life empowering knowledge, and build on its foundation, while expanding your repertoire by creating innumerable spin offs! Move through this powerful course at your own pace as you flow with, learn, and create alongside Dr. Aris as he leads you through the art and science of Sunfired cuisine, by way his new book, 26 vibrant Sunfired video recipes,and crystal guidepost to the energetics of Sunfired. At the expiration of your access to this course after one year, you may renew your access  to this course for a nominal administrative fee of $6.00 per annum   


  • Blender
  • Food Processor
  • Juice Extractor
  • Dehydrator
  • Press Bag


Welcome to the Sunfired Online Gourmet Course!

We are so excited to welcome you into the Sunfired Academy.

We look forward to your splash into learning, creating and growing as you receive exclusive video recipes from the internationally recognized culinary innovator, health/wellness influencer, Dr. Aris. 

As you ready yourself to step into the Sunfired Circle of Friends with Dr. Aris to embrace his life empowering principles, tips, techniques, vibrant foundation recipes, and ultimately the complementary science to accompany the arts of Sunfired Ra Cuisine, be mindful that only life begets life!

Dr. Aris is a naturally born as well as seriously educated educator who shares his wisdom with intense passion and loves seeing his students blossom and grow to love living a happy, dis-ease free and productive life as expressed through the brilliance of their application of his teachings. Your presence in the Sunfired Gourmet Online course is a tremendous boost to his will to continue striving as an educator to enrich the soul of his students by continually aiming to make sure that someday, they will be better than him, this is his mark of the sign of a successful educator. Now, as you go out and take a stand to defend and protect your life through conscious eating make sure to share the joy you reflect with your community by tagging @aris_latham on Instagram as you recreate the life you were born to love!

Welcome home to self through Sunfired Ra Cuisine.

Dr. Aris has a ready team that is always poised to answer questions and receive feedback about your Sunfired Online Gourmet Course, link them up...

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